November 22, 2012


Today, on Thanksgiving, it seems like the best time to be thankful for my family.  I tried to be creative with my thankful list, but at one point you have express your feelings for the people that are the most important.

I come from a great family and I married into a great family.  Both my parents, all my in-laws, siblings, nieces and nephews bring happiness and joy to my life.  They help and teach me so much.

And, of course, my sweet husband and our little ball of fire, otherwise known as our daughter, are constant reminders to me of what is most important in life.  Life as a wife is very rewarding and it's not something I take lightly.  I'm grateful for my marriage and all the ups and downs that come along with it.  

Motherhood rocks my world.  My dear Isabelle can entice practically every emotion imaginable inside me.  I can go from so frustrated to complete happiness within minutes.  It's the most difficult role I've ever played, and probably ever will play.  It's constant work with never ending changes, but at the same time very rewarding and satisfying.

I love my family.

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