May 30, 2012

INSTAGRAM wednesdays: a DRAWING app

I found an app that is perfect for Isabelle to use as a drawing board.  She loves to draw smiley faces.  She also loves to take a picture of all her drawings.  This makes for interesting times whenever I'm browsing through our pictures on the iPod.

She's a fun little girl and I'm glad she loves to draw.

May 29, 2012


Currently posts are the best because they are easy to write, don't require anything more than facts about your daily life and people genuinely seem to enjoy reading them.  It's a great way for me to kick my blogging blues and get back into the habit of posting.


I'm actually not reading anything right now.  I've been thinking about reading the Harry Potter series, you know, just so I can say I read it.


Isabelle's latest favorite song is "Come to my Window" {much to my husband's elation}, so I tend to hear that song a lot in the car and at home.


New Girl reruns {thank you DVR}.  Is there a better show on TV these days?  Probably not.


Still too much Dr. Pepper, but at least it's the diet and caffeine free version.


That a new Indian restaurant is opening up near my house.


This Friday because my cousin is coming over to my house for a play date and my cousin is seriously the coolest person ever.  It all runs in the family. 


Some recent events that have transpired at work.  All I'm going to say is that having a good attitude and being genuinely nice to other people can get you going places in life.


I'm pretty content right now, but I guess I could say some new bed sheets.  The whole in our fitted sheet isn't getting any smaller.


The frustrated dad I overheard at work last night begging his child to behave.  It feels good to know I'm not alone.


My health.  It's time to be healthy.  I'm trying to find a new routine, but I think I'm going to start by cutting out pop and sweets from my diet.


When my little family and I get to have dinner together.  This doesn't happen very often these days since I mostly work nights, so when we are able to all sit at the table together it is a really good feeling.


Tickets to the Joshua Radin concert in July.  


A good summer.  Bring on the nice weather!

May 10, 2012


I've read a lot about working mothers feeling "mom guilt."  I guess I can consider myself apart of that crowd because these last two weeks have definitely made me second guess having a job.

It all boils down to the fact that Isabelle is horrible at night.  Horrible.  The days of putting her in bed at 8:00 without any problems are long gone.  Now, Isabelle is usually wide awake when I get home from work, which is usually close to 11:00 at night.  And, Dustin is at his wits end as he's been trying for the last three hours to calm her down.

I'm trying to convince myself that this is just a phase, because certainly Isabelle has gone through her fair share of weirdness at bedtime over the years.  But, it doesn't help that this phase coincides perfectly with when I started working again.  Well, I guess I can't say that for sure, but it really seems like things weren't this bad before.  They may have been rocky, but not this bad.

It also doesn't help that the last time I remember Isabelle going to sleep at a decent hour was when I had the day off and we didn't do anything.  We didn't go anywhere.  We stayed at home and had a relaxing day.  And that night, just like the good ol' days, she's was in bed at 8:00.

I thought Dustin and I had made a pretty good schedule for ourselves.  The overlap between when he gets home from work and when I go to work is slim.  She plays hard while at my parents' house, which would normally equate to one tired little girl at the end of the night.

Bottom line, the biggest difference between now and then is that I'm not home.  What once felt like such a mundane process {wake up, get ready, spend the day with Isabelle, make dinner, eat dinner as a family, put Isabelle to bed, go to bed} all of the sudden seems a little bit more important in terms of my daughter's stability.

I guess, for now, I'll just wait things out.  Perhaps Isabelle is just adjusting to a new normal.  Maybe she just needs more time getting used to me not being there as often.  And, if that's the case and this really is just a phase, I hope it ends soon because I don't think I can take the guilt much longer.

May 2, 2012

INSTAGRAM wednesdays: HOME decor

I think books make great home decor.

This table is in my entryway and I love it!

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