November 23, 2012


Dustin and I rarely go out alone.  We spend most of our time together with our daughter, which is great, but having a date night or alone time outside of the house is something that I rarely make time for.

Today, on Black Friday, we left our daughter with her grandparents to do some shopping.  We usually leave in the early afternoon and come home in the evening.  We are able to get all of Isabelle's Christmas shopping done, then we grab a bite to eat and catch a movie before heading home.

We were both very much looking forward to our day out together, and everything went the way we planned.  Whenever it's just the two of us out and about, it's so nice and stress free.  We can actually have a conversation, eat our food at a normal speed, and basically just enjoy each other's company without the need to worry about anything else.

Even though it's hard for me to ask for baby-sitters, I've decided I really do need to make time for a once a month date night with Dustin.  I think it'll be one of my goals for next  year.  It's an important thing to make a priority and it really does help me with my overall well-being.


  1. I think that's a great goal. I'm glad you two got to go out together and enjoy each other's company.

  2. I think date nights are so important! Go out and have fun!

  3. I agree, I need to make date nights a priority too.


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