November 3, 2012

{day THREE} the FALL weather

Summertime was HOT in Utah this year.  I don't remember a summer quite as hot.  We had more than our fair share of 100+ degree days, and it was miserable.  We had very little rain and it seemed like there was no end to the dreaded heat.

As soon as September rolled around it was the best feeling.  The weather immediately changed for the better.  No more paying for A/C, sweating 24/7, and tossing and turning at night because it was just too dang hot to sleep.

Isabelle and I have enjoyed many walks since Fall arrived.  It's so lovely walking around our neighborhood when there is a crisp chill in the air.  Isabelle adores playing in the leaves with her friends and we've adorned our front porch with some great pumpkins.


Fall also means the beginning of so many fun things like birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkin shakes and cinnamon candles.

Seriously, what isn't great about Fall?!


  1. Hi Emily,

    In Malaysia it is 34-36C all year round and I absolutely love it! We have one continual summertime and the sun really makes me happy. Soon however, the annual rainy season will start and go on until the new year. It will just rain constantly all day long and this makes things difficult.
    Love the photo by the way but I don't miss anything about autumn.

    1. I agree the Fall weather can make things more difficult. Trust me, as a non-driver, living in a state that rains and snows can be challenging. :)

  2. Oooo, Pumpkin shakes? Where? Yum!

    1. Now that I think about it, I guess pumpkin shakes are mainly at more local business here in Utah. Do you have an Arctic Circle where you live? If not, never fear, McDonald's has egg nog shakes which are just as good. :)


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