November 11, 2012

{day ELEVEN} SUNDAY dinner

Every so often, we'll go to my parents' house for Sunday dinner.  There's something special about eating dinner with your parents, especially when your mom makes her delish lasagna.  Try as I might, I can never replicate its awesomeness.

This Sunday was extra difficult for us because Isabelle misbehaved a lot during church.  We've been dealing with this sort of thing basically since she was born, and I think Dustin and I were just done with it all.

Right after church, we went to my parents' house and enjoyed a great dinner and conversation.  It was just the thing I needed after such a stressful day.

One of these days church will be an enjoyable experience for me again.  Until then, I,always have Sunday dinner to help lighten my mood.


  1. Everything is better that mom makes. 'Tis truth.

  2. When we lived close to my parents, we had Sunday dinner with them each week. It's one of the things I miss about living by family.

  3. Amen! Love going to mom's!

  4. Sorry church is so rought with Isabelle. One day, she will outgrow it. It would help if it weren't 3 hours, huh! I miss Sunday dinners. It's nice that you got to unwind after a long day of church!


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