November 17, 2012

{day SEVENTEEN} her little QUIRKS

How surprising is this?  I'm behind and back-dating again!

Today, I'm choosing to be grateful {otherwise I find myself constantly annoyed} by my daughter's little quirks.  I caught myself realizing that one day these will be great memories to talk about when she's older, and possibly things I will miss as she moves on to new and different things.


She wears Sunday dresses to bed and PJs during the day.

A few of her favorite excuses:  She's too little, she's too busy or she doesn't feel well.

She refuses to go the bathroom, and usually only ever does after me begging her for hours.

She consumes applesauce like it's going out of style.  I seriously can't keep enough in the house.


I could go on and on, but I think it will only make my blood pressure go up.  I'm writing this post just after returning home from a few errands, errands that included exiting Costco with a screaming child and cleaning up a pee accident in Rumbi's.

Yep, her little quirks are always amusing and I'm counting on using them as pay back when she's a teenager.  :)

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