November 10, 2012

{day TEN} federal HOLIDAYS

My husband works in finance and, therefore, gets all federal holidays off.  It's wonderful!

This weekend is a three-day one for Dustin since it's Veterans' Day on Sunday.  We see so little of each other during the week that I enjoy all of our weekends, but it's extra special when we have one extra day to spend with each other and not worrying about work.

Another great thing about federal holidays is that they seem to come around so often and so fast.  I think there are at least 7 or 8 a year, and since time flies for me it seems as though these fun freebie days are always right around the corner.

I imagine some people who have to work on federal holidays {I've definitely been there} probably are annoyed by them, or at least find them inconvenient if you find yourself needing to go to the post office or bank.  But, in our household they're golden.

Okay, a tad cheesy, but it's late and I'm gearing myself up for the drama that always ensues when it comes to putting my daughter to bed.

Anyway, thanks again federal holidays!


  1. I don't mind the fact that the post office or the bank is closed (I can't remember the last time I was inside either building), but I don't like that school is out and most daycares are closed. I need someone to watch my kids!

  2. I get most but not quite all of them. I do get Veteran's Day, though, and I am SO glad for the long weekend!

  3. I wish J had that one off! Glad you had a nice long weekend. Those are golden.


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