November 24, 2012


I try not to get uber religious on my blog.  I'm not ashamed or shy to talk about my faith, but religion in general is not what my goal is for this blog.

But, I can't put together a grateful list without mentioning a few aspects of my faith that mean the most to me.  And one of them is prayer.

I pray daily to my Heavenly Father.  I pray by myself and with my family.  I pray about everything and anything.  Whenever I feel our of sorts, scared or just need to feel peace and comfort I pray.

I have no doubts that my prayers are heard.  I have no doubts that my prayers are answered, according to God's will.

I can't imagine a life without prayer.  The comfort I get from prayer is unlike anything else, and I'm so grateful for that avenue of communication I have with my creator. 

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  1. I'm ashamed to admit I've had many days where I didn't put effort into prayer. I definitely see a difference when I do and don't take the time to sincerely pray. Depression still happens, even when I'm very prayerful, but it's easier to cope with and doesn't feel as all-consuming when I turn to the Lord for help, love, and support.


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