November 1, 2012


I am currently 26 along in my second pregnancy.  Everything about my first pregnancy was a breeze.   In fact, I was really concerned that things went a little too well and that if I ever got pregnant again I was due for the exact opposite.

While this pregnancy has been a tad more difficult in terms of feeling sick during the first trimester, overall things have been going really well.  I'm able to go about my days pretty much the same as before.  I have yet to wear any maternity clothes and have only gained 2 lbs.

I have a wonderful doctor who has such a great office and staff.  Everyone is so friendly and professional when I go in for my appointments.  I genuinely love my monthly visits, and not just because I get to hear my baby's heartbeat but also because everyone is so great to work with.

As the arrival of my second daughter draws closer, I constantly think how grateful I am for the smooth process thus far.  I know things could be a lot worse and uncomfortable.

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  1. You've only gained 2 pounds??? What? Dr isn't worried about that? I had gained seriously about 30 pounds by then!


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