November 5, 2012

{day FIVE} JIMMY JOHN'S delivery

There have been quite a few times in recent memory that I have totally and utterly craved a Jimmy John's sandwich but had no way of getting to one.

Insert Jimmy John's delivery service.

This was the answer to all of my crazy, pregnant woman needs.  I probably ordered them at least once a week for a month.

Are they over priced sandwiches?  Yes.

Is it stupid you have to pay extra for cheese?  Definitely.

But, hello, they are delish sandwiches and I may just have to order one tomorrow.


  1. Do they deliver their big fat pickles to the pregnant lady? ;)

    1. I imagine they would if I ever wanted one. I'm a little bummed that I don't crave the pickles. It's kind of fun craving things you always hear pregnant women wanting. Ah, such is life. :)

  2. I ate a lot of Jimmy John's while pregnant and know a lot of other pregnant women that craved it as well. Weird! I don't like it nearly as much while not pregnant. It is cool that they deliver. They have weird quotes on their walls too. Free smells. I hate that one. Don't get me excited over something that is free. What a let down. ;)


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