January 5, 2012

my PROUD MOMMY moment {PMM}

Here we go.  I'm participating in a new meme for the first time today because it sure is fun to share some of the details of my day that include my daughter.

I don't have one specific experience, but I do recall a few fun things that recently came out of my daughter's mouth.

{When I came out of my bedroom on Sunday after I got ready for church} 
"Pretty Mommy!  Look at pretty dress!"

{While we were relaxing in my bedroom one morning} 
"Pretty hair, Mama."

{Completely random and out of the blue} 
"I love you, Mama."

{While reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear and on the page with the children} 
Me:  "Who's that?"  
Daughter:  "Friends."

{First thing she said this morning}
"Christmas Eve?"


  1. That is cute! And she is being trained well on how to give great compliments. :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. So sweet! Still at that "you can do no wrong" age! :-)

  3. Oh soooo sweet! That is melt your heart stuff. :)

  4. I want Christmas Eve back too! Is it Christmas Eve yet?????

  5. She's such a sweet girl.

    And tell her not to worry. Christmas Eve is practically tomorrow.

  6. Aww, so sweet! I love that she pointed out "friends."

    Thanks for linking up!


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