January 5, 2012


I'm looking for guest posters. 

Anyone interested?

Here's the catch, I want it to cover the topics I talk most about on my blog:  parent/motherhood, relationships, general observations {i.e. customer service experiences, people you see in public, etc.}, music, and photography.

I'm hoping to have at least one guest poster a month.  In January, I want to focus on relationships, so if you have any wacky relationships stories {i.e. bad first dates, bad break-ups, unforgettable moments, etc.} you'd like to share, I'm ALL EARS.

I look forward to hearing from any interested people.


  1. I could do something on photography for you. Always willing to help you a fellow Emily :)

  2. Thanks Emmy. I sent you an e-mail. If you didn't get it, please let me know. My e-mail is eclark730@yahoo.com.

  3. If you need more guest bloggers, I'd love to help! My blog is mostly mommy-filled stories but also talks about my struggle with infertility/PCOS and little tidbits about my husband. Whatever you'd like me to talk about, I'm open to it! :) Email me if you need more guest bloggers.

  4. I'd guest post, but I need an assignment... I don't want to make a decision. If you're up for that, then I'll come up with something on whatever topic you dish. :)

  5. I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner. I've been totally behind on my blogging and stuff.

    I think this is awesome. I'd love to write a guest post one of these days!

  6. I could do one. I've got lost of relationship/friendship issues I could write about :)

  7. Enjoying your blog:) Guest blogging sounds great... Would love to :)


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