January 7, 2012


It was January 2010.  I had just welcomed in the new year and had put together a fun list of 65 things to do in 365 days.  I was looking forward to my list.  It included minor things like organizing the photos on my computer to seeing a play or going to a baseball game.

Then February came, and Dustin and I decided to put our house on the market.  Our plan was to pack up our house and move to a different state so we could be closer to family.

And my list basically went out the window.  Suddenly, I found myself more concerned with the condition of my house and making sure it was "sellable" than doing much of anything else.

I spent my days making sure our house was presentable at {almost} all times just in case a realtor called wanting to show it.

What felt like an eternity in reality was only five months, and we found ourselves accepting an offer.  The next month was spent packing, moving, settling.  With a sudden change in jobs {after just one month of being hired}, we found ourselves packing, moving and settling again the following month.

I learned during 2010 that no matter what I planned on, things could change in an instance.  Sure, I had a lot to do with all the change that took place in my life that year, but despite that, ever since I've sort of lost interest in resolutions.  Part of me feels like it was pointless to do my 65 in 365 list when, just a few weeks after I put it together {and, trust me, it was not easy coming up with 65 things to do} a lot of my priorities changed.

Most of 2011 was spent recovering from 2010.  Both were pretty tough years on so many levels.  Now that we're a week into 2012, I'm still up in the air about making any resolutions.  Karen does an awesome 52 Project that is such a great idea.  Then there's making just a few, big resolutions.  

Then there's the idea of just being better.  Improving.  Be it a better mom, a better wife, or a better neighbor.  I think improving and striving to be better fits my lifestyle the most.  This way, as things come up, when life throws me a sudden curveball, I can still maintain my general goal of improvement.

Works for me!


  1. Perfect! That's what I do every year. I ask myself, "Am I better than I was last year at this time?" And if I can say, "yes" that's good enough for me.

  2. I made the goal to be better organized so that the important things get done and that our family spend quality time together.

  3. I don't make resolutions but just live in the moment and enjoy the journey. Hope 2012 is an easier ride for you!

  4. Yeah, I've always heard that you need to have specific goals in order to achieve anything. But I tend to do better when I set bigger, more abstract goals. Gives me more wiggle room and it's easier to adapt to those curveballs life tends to throw at you.

  5. 65 things is pretty ambitious. I'd settle for getting a manicure once during the year. But yes, I agree, 2010 was a very busy year for you, and you came out the other end. You did it! Now go get a mani!

  6. Nice blog! Project 52 is great idea....as long as the things to do are achievable, I think! Have a great year.

  7. We definitely have to do what works for us. The point of all of it, resolutions, Project 52, etc, is all about improvement in whatever way we can.


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