January 6, 2012

the MOTHER of the YEAR AWARD goes to...

It was a typical day.  My "something-month" old daughter and I were at home while Dustin was at work. It was bath time for my little one, so I turned on the water in the bathtub while I gathered up the soap, towels and, of course, my baby.

I gently began putting my daughter in the water.  Her back touched what was in the tub and the water that was still running from the faucet.  All of the sudden, she screamed.  It was a scream I had never heard before.  It was loud and I could tell by the look on her face she was frightened and in pain.

I quickly lifted her from the tub.  I looked at the faucet and realized I had forgotten to check the water.  The water that touched my child's body was hot.  Extremely hot. 

I wrapped a towel around my daughter's shaking body.  Despite what I had just done, all she wanted was for me to hold her.  I held on tight to my little one, holding back my tears and being so grateful that she was not more seriously harmed.  By this time, I'd noticed her back was free from any burn mark.

We skipped the bath that day.  

I'll never forget the sound of my sweet daughter's voice and the look of terror on her little face.  I felt like not only a horrible mother, but a horrible person in that moment.  

But, at the same time, I felt grateful that in her moment of need and fear, my daughter held onto me with all her might.  I knew that day that she trusted me and knew I would care for her.

As my daughter grows and matures and ventures off on her own, I hope she will always remember that I am here for her.  I hope she knows that she can hold onto me when she is frightened or sad.

I'm not exactly sure how to make sure she knows I'm always here for her other than just always being there for her.  So, hopefully that works.

I am so grateful to be a mother.


  1. I think everyone has moments like that! For my sister it was in a crowded intersection while pushing her daughter across the street, she realized there was a bump in the road. Ya, it was her daughter who had slid out of the stroller. Now you can really consider yourself a mom. LOL.

  2. Innocent things like that happen. Welcome to the world of motherhood.

  3. Don't beat yourself up...it happens. A lot. Mothers are rushed and busy and make mistakes, and our children know that despite an error, we are still their protectors. Even if we make them clean their rooms! ;-)

  4. Aw, things like that happen all the time! I know I've made many mistakes..

  5. I think this moment sticks out to me not because I did a horrible thing, (you're all right, things like this happen) but because it was the first time I knew I hurt my baby. Up until that moment nothing like that had happened before.

  6. Sounds like something I'd do but what an eye opening moment in motherhood.

    You keep asking me about how I work for the WB but your email address says a no reply and I always want to reply to your comments. Anyway.... you can apply by going to WBWord.com and I agree, OTH soundtracks are always amazing!

  7. I think we have all done something like that. But yes, I too hope my kids always will feel safe and cone to me when they are hurt.

  8. Thanks for the blog comment! Tot school is something I'm doing with my 3 and 2 yr olds before they go to school in a couple yrs. We don't have a lot of money so I figure it's like I'm homeschooling my kids for preschool (since I know we wont be able to send them). But I'm not going to homeschool once they are kindergarden age. I've thought about it and maybe later Ill change my mind but I dont think it will work for us.


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