January 9, 2012


Some of you may wonder what happened to "What the..." Mondays.  I'm discontinuing it because I'd rather focus my posts on things that I love rather than things that bother me.

No worries, I'll definitely still post about things that drive me nuts, but more on a sporadic basis, not a weekly one.

With that, I introduce MUSIC mondays.  These posts will range from giving a shout out to a favorite artist, song, album, etc., or sharing a story from my life that involves music.  

I also hope these posts will inspire people to share their favorite music with me.  I'm always in the market for new tunes to sync to my iPod.

Today I'm going to talk about one of my all-time favorite artists:  TORI AMOS.

I first discovered Tori when I was in junior high, so mid-nineties.  I didn't know many people my age that liked her music, but I listened to her anyway.  I bought as many of her albums as I possibly could and listened to her all through high school and into college.  Her music just made me feel good.

One such experience was when Tori released a new album called Scarlet's Walk.  I was at home doing the dishes and listening to the radio when all of the sudden the song came on.  The DJ introduced it as Tori's new single, and I quickly pressed the record button on my stereo.  I kept an empty tape in my cassette player for just these type of situations.  The song was called A Sorta Fairytale.

As I listened to this song, I fell in love with it.  When I heard the chorus, chills literally went all over my body.  It was such a beautiful song.  I remember just standing still in my kitchen, listening to the song and enjoying it so much.

I'll never forget that night.

And I hope you take some time to check out Tori's music.  She is one amazing artist.


  1. That is a good song! Makes me wonder what I was listening to in the mid-90's.

  2. She is definately a great singer!

  3. Ah yes, you and Tori Amos. I knew some of her music before we ever met, but I always associate her music with you.

    I'm on a serious Christina Perri kick right now. I love her voice. Love her lyrics. Love her.


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