April 23, 2013

{t}: TIMES square on NYE

Since I'll be living in NYC and already brave the crowds of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, I may as well round out the year in Times Square.

Yes, I hope to ring in a new year while standing on the streets in Times Square.  I know it'll be beyond crazy with people.  I know every inch of my body will be freezing.  And I know it'll be even crazier walking or riding the subway back to my house {or hotel}.

But, it'll be totally worth it.


  1. Its such a beautiful place and its believed that if you stay there long enough you will meet all the different people in the world.

  2. You're very brave...but it's definitely one of those things to tick off your bucket list.
    A month of Blog...

  3. Don't forget to wave to me, I'll be watching you from the "T"v!

  4. Hahaha! I got ahead of myself. I totally want to do this.


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