April 11, 2013


I used to write in a journal every single day.  I wrote more than what I had done that day.  I wrote about my thoughts and feelings.  I used to collect journals and would buy one whenever I went some place new.  I'd write in the front cover where the journal was purchased, the date, etc.

Even though I have my blog{s}, I still think it is important to keep handwritten journals.  My parents have several of my grandparents' old journals.  I miss my grandparents a lot and think reading through their journals, seeing their handwriting, would be a good way to remember them.

I hope, when I'm long gone, someone will be curious about reading more about me.  This is why I've set a goal to write in a journal every single day for one year.  This goal will be very simple to accomplish.  All I need to do is put a journal close to my bed and write at least one sentence in it every night.

I hope to cross this off the list by next year.  I guess this means I'm going journal shopping tomorrow!


  1. I kept a journal while traveling the world in my 20's. Now my 10 years old loves it when I read from my journal for his "bed time stories"... So keep it up!
    A month of Blog...

  2. I've let journaling slide since blogging. I have recently discovered guided journaling, though.

  3. That's a wonderful goal! I just might adopt it, too. :)

  4. I uesd to journal everyday! It is a way to free your inner self from thoughts and other things!

    It is a great habit to develop!

    I too would have liked to have read something my grandparents left behind!

    Great post!

  5. Emily, I'm so sorry. I accidentally removed the comment you just made on my blog. I hit the wrong button. :(

  6. Journaling for me is cathartic and I enjoy writing in mine every chance I get. It helps me to work through my issues and to remember the good times, and sometimes the hard times.

  7. Great goal! I used to be so good about writing in my journal too, but it just hasn't been happening the last couple of years. I know I should start up again, but I just haven't really wanted to.


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