April 6, 2013


I promise all the items on my bucket list are not about traveling.  :)

Dustin and I set a goal shortly after we were married to visit the 50 states in 50 years.  We gave ourselves AMPLE time to accomplish this goal; however, there is one important rule:

We have to spend at least one night in a hotel within the state.  Layovers in airports do not count.  

So far, in less than 8 years, we've crossed off the following states:

New York

All but the trip to Idaho were taken prior to our becoming parents.  Clearly, our traveling days have taken a backseat since then.

Anyway, maybe this summer we can attempt a short trip.  Perhaps to Colorado or Arizona.  Heck, we could even do Utah which would probably be easiest since we live here!

What's the best state you've ever been to? 


  1. I haven't been to very many states at all. Just California (and that's where we live), Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, and Hawaii. My husband is much more experienced in travelling. But of those, Hawaii was my favorite place to visit! It was so beautiful!

  2. Hawaii, no...wait Oregon...no wait, Nevada, no wait, California. Oh Heck, they are all my favorites!

  3. I have been to probably 10 states or less. I would certainly like to visit more, so I understand your bucket list. My sister and her husband have a similar plan, what they do is take a picture of the capital of every state they visit. I think they're in the 40s now, so they're getting close. Good luck with your travels, and nice to meet you on the A to Z!

  4. I have this same goal! I totally hear about the travel thing. Almost everything on my bucket list consists of traveling.

  5. How cool! What a sweet goal!

  6. This is a great goal! I really love to travel, but with three kids, it's not easy (or cheap) to do. We did go to Florida with them for the first time last summer and loved Clearwater Beach. I'd say that the gulf coast of Florida is my favorite place to be so far. Hubby and I have been to Clearwater a few times and to Ft. Myers. Such a beautiful area!

  7. Texas was a lot of fun. Minnesota was awesome, too, but I'd suggest going there in the fall time, rather than the summer!


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