April 22, 2013

{s}: SNOW sports

I've lived in Utah almost my entire life.

And I've never, I repeat NEVER, been ski or snowboarding.


To my fellow Utahns, I apologize for disgracing Utah and bringing shame upon all those who live in this great state.  I also apologize to all those people that travel from miles away to enjoy the Utah snow when all I do is complain about it.

In all seriousness, I am pretty disappointed with myself for never taking to the slopes.  I don't know if I'd enjoy skiing or snowboarding better, but I do know I need to try it for at least one season.  At first, I 

thought this goal would just be "go ski or snowboarding."  But then I realized that is hardly a difficult goal.  So, I'm changing it to buying a season pass at one of the many resorts and use it diligently throughout the winter season.

Now that is a lofty goal for me!

I'm pretty sure the pictures above illustrate what my skill level will be in a few years. :)


  1. NO NO NO NO NO! Stay off the skis! (oops, that just me projecting my fears onto you.) YES YES YES! Go for it!

  2. I'm not big on 'snow sports' either, so I don't blame you. Give me the sun and the beach and I'm a happy(ier) camper :)

  3. Hahahahahahahahahaha! I totally agree with Roberta!

  4. One should enjoy every format of the game, in winters enjoy with snow and in summers enjoy other activities. i also like skiing sports.


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