April 21, 2012

S is for SO, ANYWAY

Do you ever have days that throw you total curve balls?  I tend to have days like that.  I'll prepare to do one thing, and then something completely different happens that throws the entire day off.

We had a day like that yesterday.

It all started when Dustin decided to take our dog Tod for a walk.  We had had a lazy morning so far, and I was still in all of my morning time glory - bed head, PJs, etc.  Anyway, as Dustin was stepping out the front door with Tod, our other dog Sammie decided she wanted to go too.  She ran out of the house NOT on a leash.  Dustin and I immediately went into panic mode because when Sammie gets loose it's a process getting her back.  With cheese in hand, Dustin went back outside and I came out to help.  Isabelle and Tod were left inside.  I closed the door behind me and immediately realized I had locked us out.  Right before Sammie escaped, Dustin had locked the door and I didn't know.

"Do you have keys?"  I said.

"Yes."  I stopped panicking.

We caught Sammie and started to head to the door.  Dustin tried the knob.  It was still locked.

"You said you had keys."

"I thought you said cheese."

Crap, we were locked out with our daughter inside.

Luckily, our neighbor was out and about, so we used his phone to call a locksmith.  As usual, they said it would "be awhile."  I suggested we call the police since Isabelle was in the house.  So, we called the cops and they agreed to come out to help, but when they got there they said all they could do was kick the door down.  I didn't want to have to pay for a new door, so that wasn't an option.  Plus, it would've scared Isabelle to death and I wasn't willing to put her through such trauma.

So, the cop called another locksmith that said they could come out in about 15 minutes.  Our only choice was to just wait.

In the meantime, I was talking to Isabelle through our window right by the door.  Thankfully, it is low to the ground so she was able to see us and we her.  I tried over and over to get her to unlock the door, but, of course, she had no idea what to do.

The locksmith arrived and within minutes, we were back in our house.  Isabelle had quite the adventure with some leftover Easter basket grass.  I think she enjoyed her time alone and I was so grateful to be back in the house I didn't mind having to clean it all up.

After we paid the locksmith, we tried to go about the rest of our day as planned.  It was such a "so, anyway" moment I couldn't help but laugh.

P.S. Isabelle now knows how to unlock the door.


  1. The same thing happened to me a year or two ago. The kids were both napping, so I went out to put the trash in the garage. While I was out, a breeze slammed the house door shut, and of course it was locked. Luckily, we had given our neighbor a key a few months before so that she could let our dog out when we were gone for a weekend. Whew!

    Yep, definitely a "so, anyway" moment!

  2. P.S. Glad everything turned out well!

  3. Oh man, I think about this all the time. Surprised I haven't done it. So glad it all worked out ok. And...you got to show off your cute pj's and bed head to your neighbors. Right?? :)

  4. Hi Emily, sounds like quite a palaver! Glad it was soon resolved!
    Duncan In Kuantan

  5. What a day! Why does stuff like that ALWAYS happen when we are in our pajamas??

  6. I can picture this entire incident so well it made me giggle (especially Dustin hearing "cheese" instead of "keys"). But only because everything turned out fine in the end.


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