April 11, 2012

INSTAGRAM wednesdays: J is for JUNK food

Easter is still lingering in our household.

To consume or not to consume.  That is the question.

As a side note, I'm happy to announce that Karen will be co-hosting INSTAGRAM wednesdays with me.  This amazing and fun app is now available to Android users.  Check it out and be sure to link up next week!


  1. Gee, I wouldn't know what to do!
    *as I am writing this I am stuffing my gob with M&M Easter leftovers*

  2. Hi Emily, glad I found you, too.

  3. oo, i am loving instagram... thanks for stopping by my post....

  4. If you eat a "J"elly bean a day it will last a year. So, yeah...eat it.

  5. I held off buying Easter candy this year because I wanted to save money and buy on sale on the day after Easter. Bad plan. The Easter candy aisle at WalMart on Monday was a wreck and completely picked over. :(

  6. Hi Emily, just the sight of those Cadbury's Creme Eggs makes me drool!

    This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  7. I love instagram. I have had it a while now. My husband has a droid so he was super excited when it came out! You can also (not sure if droid has it) download pic stitch it makes collages that you can export right into instagram! I was having a blast with that!

  8. MMMM - that would be my Kryptonite
    particularly Jelly Belly Jelly beans

    and the answer is to consume - naturally

    *~ MAJK ~*
    Twitter @safireblade
    A to Z Blog Challenge

  9. I ran into Instagram on the Twitter today. Yummy. Sugar.

  10. Consume, consume! I'm yet to jump on the instagram bandwagon, I know it's just been released for android phones but I much prefer a bit of photoshop. Might give it a go still. Lovely posts btw.

  11. Oh goodness. Somehow I ended up with ZERO leftover Easter candy and it's making me sad!


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