April 25, 2012

INSTAGRAM wednesdays: V is for VIOLIN

I began taking violin lessons when I was six years old.  It all started when I saw a violin in a music store.   Since then, I've had 4 different teachers, have played in countless recitals, participated in school and university orchestras.  Nowadays, though, I usually only play upon request at church functions or funerals.

I'm hoping to get more involved with a community orchestra because it really is a skill I'd like to keep up as long as possible.

If any moms or dads out there are reading this, if your children express interest in learning a musical instrument, please indulge them.  My parents knew absolutely nothing about the violin prior to me taking lessons, and if that had stopped them from letting me learn to play I guarantee my life would be completely different.

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  1. My daughter plays violin. She started at age 8. Like your parents, my husband and I knew nothing about the violin, let alone any other intrument. Music lessons were the best money we ever spent.

  2. And don't wait until you're 56 to take up lessons you should have taken while you were a child! Just sayin'---

    You are so "V"ery talented and I love to hear you play the "V"iolin!


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