April 23, 2012


I first heard of Travis back in the day when we actually bought physical CDs and when it was still considered AMAZING to be able to preview an album at a music store like Borders before actually buying it.  

In other words, I've been a Travis fan for awhile.

I would guess that if you're a fan of bands like Radiohead or Muse, you'd enjoy Travis.  Their music is beautifully written, unique and powerful.  It's chill, but rockin' all at the same time.  Definitely something you'd hear at a coffee shop or on a One Tree Hill episode.

My favorite songs by Travis are Re-Offender {featured in the One Tree Hill episode} and Love Will Come Through

Be sure to add Travis to your music library.  They're definitely a band worth listening to.


  1. Cool! I actually own a Travis CD. Haven't listened to it in quite a while and don't remember exactly what they sounded like, but I do remember that I liked them. I think I have too many CDs.

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  2. I haven't actually listened to Travis, but I like Fran Healy's solo music, so I'd probably like the band, too. :)

  3. I've actually heard of (and heard) Travis. I love this song!


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