January 28, 2011


In May 2008, I found out I was pregnant.  It would be my first pregnancy of all time.  When I read the test, I just thought to myself "Ok, I'm pregnant."  Since I wasn't surprised to see a positive result, I called my husband at work and gave him the news.  He just said "Really?  Ok.  Well, I'll see you when I get home."  I've since wondered why our response to the news was so casual.  I guess it could be attributed to the fact that it took no time at all for me to get pregnant (and for that I am extremely grateful), so I don't think we really had time to decide how we would handle things.

Because this was my first pregnancy, I really didn't know what to expect.  All I had ever learned or heard about was from other people, so in a way I just assumed I would have the same experiences.  I started reading "What to Expect When You're Expecting" but to be perfectly honest I got bored with it.  Everything I read was not happening to me.  I decided I would use the book more as a reference when I had a question rather than fill my mind with what could happen.

Within weeks of finding out I was pregnant, we learned that three other girls in our family were expecting too.  We were all due within weeks of each other.  One of my cousin's blogged all about her experience and it was while I was reading her posts that I realized how different our pregnancies were.  She was going through things that never once happened to me.  She felt sick all the time.  I never had morning sickness.  Those sorts of things.

As my pregnancy progressed it continued to be really easy.  I was amazed and shocked.  Sure, there were moments of discomfort, but that was only when the baby had her leg in a weird place and as soon as she moved I was totally fine.  I slept better than I ever had before.  I never threw up after eating.  I never had heartburn, etc.

The few things that were annoying happened as I neared the 9 month mark:  my blood pressure was high, so my doctor told me to take things very easy; my ankles, hands and feet swelled; and one of fingers was constantly numb.

Six days before my due date, my doctor decided to induce me because my blood pressure continued to increase.

Like my pregnancy, my labor and delivery was a lot less dramatic and painful than I anticipated.  Our daughter was born 5 hours after we got to the hospital.  I think I pushed two, possibly three times.  And the 22 pounds I gained quickly vanished just weeks later without me doing anything.

Now that our daughter is two, my husband and I have started to think about thinking about having another baby.  As I contemplate what it would be like to have another child, the thing that scares me the most is being pregnant again.  I think I was almost too lucky with my first experience that I'm due for the complete opposite the second time around.  All the difficulties that come with having the actual baby in the flesh doesn't scare me quite as much because I'll have my husband to help me with that.  But, I'm on my own during those first 9 months.

Back in 2008, when we decided to have a baby, ignorance was blissfully on our side.  This time, I'm much more cautious. Even though I know everyone's experience is different, I'm curious to know who have been pregnant more than once if they were similar.  Was one really easy while the other just a nightmare?

Thoughts are appreciated! 


  1. Every single one of mine has been different. With my first I was sick all the time- the whole 9 months. Delivery was a nightmare for me. With the second I was never sick and because I felt so much more prepared - the delivery went great. Now with my third I am sick, but not all the time, have really bad heartburn and I have been really uncomfortable (mostly sleeping). I have carried all 3 differently and I think that makes some of the difference.
    Just be prepared for the very worst- then when it isn't you can be pleasantly surprised- and if it is- then that is what you expected anyway.

    Good Luck!

  2. As far as being sick, my pregnancies were exactly the same. Started feeling sick at week 8 and felt better at week 16. The only thing that was different which made a huge difference with all my high risk issues was I didn't gain as much weight the second time around. I exercised with Addison and labor was faster, I lost my weight faster and overall had a great experience the second time around. Go for it!!!

  3. I'm on my fourth pregnancy and I haven't had morning sickness with any of them. I threw up once with two of the pregnancies but it was because of the stupid prenatal vitamin that I was choking down (I don't take pills well). The only difference really has been the labors. 18 hours with the first. Yep EIGHTEEN HOURS...I pushed for 5. FIVE! The second and third were MUCH better, but I think you've got me beat at five hours of labor. Lucky girl. It's much less scary to be pregnant the second time since you know at least some of what to expect. You never know how different they can be! Maybe if it's a boy you'll be puking your guts out for months on end :)

  4. Both of my pregnancies have been extremely easy. I don't get sick... just really tired. I don't even crave anything. I anticipated my second pregnancy to be different because I was having a girl, but it wasn't. You might just get lucky! The only major difference was we tried for over a year to get pregnant the second time. I got pregnant right away with Porter so this was very surprising (and depressing). Don't "think" about "thinking" about it too long! :)

  5. I'm scared to get pregnant again because I am convinced I will have twins again. And gain 70+ pounds. So forgive me for kinda hating you for losing your 22 so easily.

    Thanks for stopping by from Karen's blog!

  6. I worried about a lot of things my first pregnancy, mostly the fact that I always had "white coat hypertension" when I went in for my appointments. I told my Dr. I was worried this time that I would finally develop the hypertension that I dreaded and feared. He said if I didn't have it in the first pregnancy I am LESS likely to have it with my second. This pregnancy has been similar for me, except I did have all day NAUSEA longer than I did with Geddy (had it until about 11 weeks with Geddy vs. 16 weeks with this one). Wow, I didn't realize you had such a great pregnancy. I think it's great that you have given so much thought to the second pregnancy and what could happen, thinking the odds are against you for a smooth pregnancy. But honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the pregnancies were very similar. The only thing I can think is that if you are having the opposite sex, then I personally believe that can change your pregnancy experience. I think that's why I was sicker with my second pregnancy than my first. You are one lucky girl! I think and hope your luck will persist!

  7. I'm SURE your next one will be super easy, just like the first. And you should definitely try it and find out. :-)

  8. Well seeing as I have no personal experiences... You should have a baby.... I need something to hold me over!!!! ha ha just kidding kind of :)


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