January 23, 2011


I started this blog not too long ago because I wanted to document all the crazy thoughts that enter my mind everyday.  I also hoped to meet a few new people along the way and to learn about life from their perspective.

Unfortunately, if I don't write a post, I don't accomplish either goal.

So, I decided to take part of a challenge given by The Daily Post.  I am committing to writing at least one post every week in 2011.  I am starting the challenge late, so to catch up I will be posting 3 times this week, not counting this post.

Luckily for me, The Daily Post also suggests topics which will help me out SO MUCH as I struggle with what to write about from time to time.

I hope by keeping my blog more updated I'll get more readers and comments.  I'm a comment junkie.  They keep me motivated.

Wish me luck!


  1. I'm a comment junkie, too. There. I admitted it. :-)

    Glad you're going to be posting more! I've missed this blog!

  2. Nice. I like the idea of one post a week. Can't wait!


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