January 23, 2011


Jack:  "Lemon, I want to thank you for showing me that I could have a pleasant 
evening with a woman my own age.
Liz:  "I'm twelve years younger than you."
Jack:  "A woman your age then."

-30 Rock

I turned 30 years old in December.  It's hard to believe that my years as a twenty-something are over.  So many things happened during those 10 years:

Moved out of my parents house
Graduated from college, earning a Bachelor's degree
Met and dated a lot (well, not a ton) of really great guys
Fell in love for the first time
Lost loved ones
Lived by myself
Got married
Sold a house
Moved out of state
Bought a house
Had a baby
Quit jobs
Started new jobs
Lived as a stay-at-home mom
Sold a house
Moved again

While my birthday itself was not one big party, I did spend a lot of time reflecting upon the last 10  years of my life.  I felt very glad for all the experiences I had.  Some were great.  Some were heartbreaking.  Some were surreal.  Some sucked big time.  But, when I look at my list I realize I have done a lot of things some people in their 20s may not have.  And, as a result, I feel very empowered as I venture into the next decade of my life.  I am taking so much knowledge and experience with me that I know will help me as a thirty-something person.

Sometimes it is difficult for me to comprehend that I am no longer this care-free high schooler or a sleep deprived college student or a single girl looking for the perfect guy.  Those were the days...in my 20s.

On the other hand, I still have plenty of time to experience things that will eventually be "those were the days" experiences.  And for that, I am excited.



  1. I'm still working on that whole "perfect guy" thing...and I've been doing this 30s-thing for a year or two now... ;-)

  2. I love your attitude about it all and I hope that's how I will feel when my big day arrives. What would really suck is to be stuck in your 20's forever. Your 20's are awesome, but then it's time to move on because there is more to life than your 20's, ya know? I loved going to college, moving around, settling down, etc. but wouldn't want to repeat everything. I would like to embrace new seasons of life without looking back and wishing for the past too much. I think my 30's could be really empowering. (um, let the countdown begin....it's coming up!)


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