May 5, 2010

Confession Wednesday: GETTING OLD

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My friend Karen does a weekly confession on her blog every Wednesday.  I'm going to participate for the first time today.  Yay!

Today's confession is the first time you felt old.

When I was in school, all my friends and I were the same age, give or take a year or so.  Everyone knew if someone was a sophomore, junior or senior.  It always seemed like a BIG deal.  It also seemed that once I graduated from high school, age suddenly became irrelevant.

The first time I really started to feel old was when I moved to Idaho Falls.  I quickly became friends with people in my neighborhood and church.  I would go out to lunch with my friends, have them over at my house, go over to their house - all the usual friend stuff.  

After awhile, I learned that everyone I was friends with was 4 - 5 years younger than me.  For whatever reason, I just figured everyone I was chillin' with was my same age.  It seemed so weird that I was close to so many people that were my brother's age.  I never hung out with my brother's friends!  Gasp!

I felt so old!

Another time I felt old is when I uttered, for the first time, the words:  "About ten years ago..." and had a perfect recollection of what I was doing with my life at that point in time.  Double gasp!



  1. First off, I LOVE the layout!

    I'm at the point where I have friends that are 22 and friends that are 62, so that doesn't bother me at all. But someone tried to set me up on a date with a guy that is younger than my brother. THAT was weird.

    And 10 years ago...I moved to Utah to finish college.

  2. There's been various times I've felt "old" throughout my 31 years. When Dustin and I got married he was 24 (he's five years older than me) and I thought that was really old. Then on my 24th birthday, I realized I was now as old as he was when we got married. I felt old.

    I had one of those moments just the other day. My sister just had a birthday and she turned 29. She said something about her next birthday when she'll turn 30 and I almost fell over thinking about my little sister turning 30. It makes me feel old when the people who are younger than me do "old things" like getting married, having a baby or turning 30.

    Plus little wrinkles around my eyes and skin changing on my neck don't help either. So weird.

  3. I felt old the first I ran into someone I used to know and had forgot existed.

    Forgot. Existed.

  4. It's so true...once you're out of high school age doesn't matter any more. Especially when you're married. It's weird. I totally have friends that are younger than my younger brothers...and they totally seem like they're my age. Every once in a while I'll say something that will make me seem REALLY old. And yeah...I'm totally turning thirty this year. YIKES!
    I feel especially old around the young women. We'll be at an activity or something and I feel like I'm still sixteen hanging out with them and I'll say something...they give me this look like YOU'RE OLD! Sad, but true.
    sorry for the novel

  5. Yeah for first time confession! I always seem to pick older friends...I was the kid that always talked to adults instead of playing....I guess that's why I'm so "mature for my age"

  6. About ten years ago... when I catch myself saying that I laugh.

    The first time I felt old was when I was big and pregnant. Nothing makes me feel older then not being able to move around easily.


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