October 3, 2014

CUSTOM-MADE spirituality

I've blogged a lot about the struggles I face taking my children to church.  There was the post about why we skipped church {and loved it} and the follow-up post about why I even go to church to begin with.  Even though I know I am not alone with my struggles with taking children to church, I usually feel alone each week as I find myself, yet again, dealing with an uncooperative child.

Church used to be a time where I could go to feel uplifted and renewed, ready to face a new week with a stronger conviction to do what is right.

Church isn't that way for me anymore.  And I miss it!  But, I realize this situation is only temporary and things will get better eventually; however, until that blessed time arrives, I made the decision to find ways to feel the way I used to during church outside of church.

One of the ways in which I've incorporated spirituality into my daily life is by listening to general conference talks in my car.  I have found great satisfaction, peace and comfort in doing this.  It is amazing how the spirit can be felt at almost any time and any place.

Here are a few of the talks I've listened to:

President Gordon B. Hinckley's address titled To the Women of the Church

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's address titled Happiness, Your Heritage 

Sister Julie B. Beck's address titled Fulfilling the Purpose of Relief Society

and all the talks given at this month's General Women's Meeting

So, if you find yourself missing Sunday as being a day of rest and spiritual edification, I would invite you to think outside the box and find ways in which you can reap the benefits of feeling the spirit no matter what day it is.

This has made a world of difference for me.  I feel happier, more energized and a stronger desire to be the best person I can be.


  1. Very good idea! Sacrament isn't the greatest with my kids, but since I don't have a sunday calling I do enjoy going to sunday school and relief society!

    1. Since my youngest won't go to nursery, I'm usually roaming the halls the entire block. Once I can get her to go, then I'll probably start enjoying Sunday school and Relief Society again.

  2. When I was going through a particularly difficult time on my mission, President Froerer suggested that I read a conference talk every morning as part of my daily studies. It's amazing the peace and comfort and spiritual connection that can come from reading the words of modern day prophets.

    1. It really is amazing! I'll admit, I go to those talks before my scriptures! Ha ha!


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