February 2, 2014

how to LOWER your DISH NETWORK bill

When I first signed up for Dish Network I was eligible for a promotional rate for one year.  My monthly bill during that year was roughly $38.00.  After a year, the charges went up significantly to $68.00.  

After awhile, I decided to see what I could do about lowering my bill.  I talked to a nice representative who told me she could change my monthly bill to $41.99 for one year.  I was very happy about the new price, and confirmed with her numerous times that the price she quoted me was what I could expect to see on my bills for the next  year.  She assured me that the final price would be $41.99.

Well, the next month, my bill was higher than the price I was quoted, but I figured that had to do with amounts being pro-rated since my promotion had changed mid-month.  So, I just let it go.

The following month, the amount was even higher, so I decided to chat with a representative online to find out what was going on.  After awhile, it became clear that the girl I originally spoke to had given me wrong information, and while I was chatting with the Dish representative about her mistake, I more or less just wanted an apology and an admission that a mistake had been made.

An apology was never extended, and, in fact, things like these were said instead:

"I don't know what happened.  I was apart of the conversation."

"How about you get rid of the protection plan?  That would lower your monthly bill."

I eventually ended the chat conversation and told the representative I would most likely close my account since I couldn't trust what my bill would be.

A day or two later, I tried again.  I chatted with another representative and explained my situation.  Again, I was looking for an apology or some sort of acknowledgement that yes, a mistake had been made on the part of Dish Network.  


So, I said I wanted to close my account and the rep quickly gave me the contact information I needed.

The next day, I called Dish Network and spoke to a nice representative.  I explained my situation and said I wanted to close my account.  He told me I would be penalized for closing my account early, and when I told him I was outside my two-year agreement, he started with the specials he'd extend to me if I kept my service.

Specials like HBO or sports channels free for 3 months.  I told him I didn't watch channels like that and that I still wanted to cancel.

He then went over all the details of how to return my receiver, remotes, etc. and how I would be penalized if I didn't do things correctly.  Apparently Dish is allowed to make mistakes without any consequences, but not their customers.

After I told him I understood what I needed to do, he asked me if I was sure I wanted to close my account.  I told him confidently that I did.

And then he put me on hold.

And then he came back on the line and went over a few other items of business with me.  And asked me again if I still wanted to proceed.  I said yes, again.

And then he put me on hold, again.

And, then, suddenly he came back on the line and said he'd knock of $30 from my bill if I kept my account open.  I went over the numbers with him and decided to take him up on his offer, assuming, of course, the quotes he gave me actually turned out to be correct.

In the end, I gave Dish Network another chance.  After all, my new bill was apparently going to be lower than my original starting price.

And then the bills came.  And the numbers didn't seem right.  They seemed a little too low.  As in, my bill was less than $20 a month.  I was confused and eventually chatted with a supervisor about it.  Apparently, my original promotion {the one that supposedly took my bill down to $41.99} was still in effect, plus the additional $30 discount I was given for threatening to close my account.  

To be honest, I don't know exactly how all the math adds up.  All I know is that my bill is somewhere between $15 - $17 a month for one year.  I just have to laugh because I was more than thrilled with paying $41.99.  I thought I had scored a pretty sweet deal.  And, all the talk about closing my account all stemmed from a measly $7.00 discrepancy.  Sure, not a lot of money, but the bottom line is I wanted what I was quoted.

My experience is just another example of how messed up Corporate America really is.  I know I'm just one customer and I matter not to Dish Network in the grand scheme of things.  But, it really is pathetic that I managed to score such an awesome deal all because this company refused to acknowledge a mistake.

And, honestly, in the end, that's all I wanted - a simple apology.


UPDATE as of September 2014

This post has turned out to be one of my most view posts ever.  I am amazed at how many people are looking for ways to lower their Dish Network bill!  I recently made a change to the way I view TV and am in love.

First, I cancelled my Dish Network service.

Second, I bought a Roku (a one-time fee of $69)

Third, I signed up for Netflix (which included 30 days free service)

Fourth, I signed up for Hulu Plus (which included 60 days free service)

Now, I have access to all the shows I want for a SET PRICE of less than $20 a month.  And, I was streaming shows to my TV after a very short, pain-free, appointment-free installation process.

These services have been a game changer for our family.  If you're fed up with companies like Dish Network overcharging you, I highly recommend you consider doing what I do and getting rid of it all together.


  1. What are the fees for Netflix and Hulu Plus after the free period?

    1. My Netflix plan is $9.58/month and Hulu Plus $8.51/month, which is a total of $18.09.

  2. I am on dish network direct pay so my payments are automatically deducted. I am a long time dish customer and my bill has climed to over $120. per month for a mid grade package. I started watching the payments 4 months ago and noticed my bill has gone up every month by different amounts each month. When contacting them, they were rude and uninformed...They could not tell me why my bill is fluctuating...What to do ???

  3. That is the deal with autopay, if you are not diligent before you know it the price doubles or triples. Call them, complain, and be willing to cancel if they can't/won't reduce. I am a Roku, Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon Prime person and pay around 55 a month. But have to have decent internet for it all to work.

  4. Would one terabyte of data be enough to run these TV programs for a month plus other Internet usage or would you need unlimited data for this?


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