December 4, 2012


On Sunday, I had to attend a meeting at church before my actual worship services began.  It was crazy, crazy windy as I arrived at the church.  My hair, skirt, everything was blowing everywhere as I approached the door to the building.

Suddenly, a very powerful gust of wind slammed against the roof right above me.  This gust of wind caused a large amount of water from the roof to come splashing down to the ground.  But, before it reached the ground it landed directly on top of me.

I was completely soaked.  I stood at the door a little in shock, wondering if I should risk being late by running home and fixing my hair and changing clothes.

I decided to suck it up and stay at the church and to be on time to my meeting.  I made a stop at the restroom to wipe off my face and to do what I could to make myself a bit more presentable.  But, all in all, I looked like a sorry mess.

As I walked along the hallways of the church, my hair looking like it does when I first step out of the shower, I told myself I needed to think about my priorities a bit when it came to my appearance.  Perhaps I need to be a tad more vain and less concerned with punctuality.

I'm pretty sure I'll stick with punctuality, but in the meantime I have a fun story to tell and have added yet another reason as to why I totally and utterly hate and loathe the wind.


  1. I'm all punctuality. I would have said get the vanity taken care of in a timely matter, but that wind and water were out of your hands! It's hard to say what I would do...I'd probably stay.

  2. Oh my gosh, that would have totally sucked.

    I would have gone to the meeting too, but I would be fixated on what a messed I was. Which is probably not any less vain than going home and fixing it.


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