December 7, 2012


I had a little bit of a wake-up call yesterday with respect to my cleaning habits.  I posted a little bit ago that I needed to let loose when it came to what Isabelle played with.  I've done better lately by letting her paint inside, color and do other crafts that are potentially very messy and require some clean-up.  However, I still must be a bit uptight about it all becuase this is the conversation I had with her yesterday:

I:  Mom, can I play in my room?

Me:  Of course.

I:  Mom, can I make a mess?

Me:  Definitely

{Some time goes by...}

I:  Mom, I made a mess

I scan her room.  Only 3 or 4 toys are on the floor.  My heart sank.

Me:  Isabelle, you didn't make a mess.  Do you want to keep playing?

I:  Yes, please shut the door.

{Some more time goes by...}

I:  Mom, I'm all done playing!

I scan her room again.  Toys were everywhere.  I smiled and happily helped her clean up.

It's definitely time to make sure my daughter knows she is free to play with her toys in her room without worrying about the consequences of making too big of a mess.  It's not like she has markers in there and will write all over the wall.  It's just a matter of putting things back where they belong, and, since dejunking, things are organized and very easy to clean up.

Working on chillaxing has officially begun!


  1. Yeah for easy clean up. Dejunking and creating less definitely helps.

  2. That's sooo funny - the part about her saying she made a mess and there is only a few things on the floor. I guess as a result of Geddy living in our house, he is very clean and particular. He will make a huge mess, but he usually likes it cleaned up with 10-15 min. I won't complain!

  3. My mom would have loved it if I thought 3 or 4 things on the floor constituted a mess. ;-)


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