December 5, 2012


Christmas has officially arrived at our house.  We didn't necessarily choose to wait until December to put our tree up, but since we did I think we'll continue doing that each year.  It's nice to keep the holidays separate as much as possible.

Here is our tree.  Every single ornament is 100% shatterable and nothing about the tree is kid-friendly, but we refuse to put up anything else.  So far, Isabelle is very good about not playing with it.  I thank my lucky stars for that.

Maybe one day we'll have one just for Isabelle that's a bit more age appropriate.  But, for now, she's going to have to suffer with our pre-kid tree because we just love it too much not to display it.


  1. Once my boys got old enough to want to decorate the tree themselves, I switched to all shatterproof ornaments. It's brought my holiday stress level down significantly, even though I do miss some of my pretty glass ornaments.

    1. I'm sure I'll be following in your footsteps soon!

  2. We usually put our tree up the Sunday of the Christmas Devotional. Or, we put the tree up the day before and decorate it that Sunday. It keeps the holidays separate and really makes for a special day.

  3. Yay for Christmas trees!

    We don't have ours yet, but that's because we're getting a real one. I much prefer the real kind, even with the needles and stuff.


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