June 12, 2012

everyday HUMOR

I've come to realize that some of the funniest things that are ever said really come out of nowhere, and if you're really paying attention you can have a ball no matter where you are.  Here are a few fun conversations I've had lately.


Co-Worker:  "Hot Rod is the best movie ever made!"

Me {jokingly, of course}:  "Really?  Even better than Schindler's List?"

Co-Worker:  "I've never seen Schindler's List.  What's it about?"

Me {in shock}:  "What's it about?!  Wait, when were you born?"

Co-Worker:  "1991."

Me:  "Okay, ya, you were probably 4 when that movie came out, so I guess I can understand why you haven't seen it."

{I then explain what Schindler's List is all about.}

Co-Worker:  "Ya, I think I'll just stick to Hot Rod."


Isabelle's 4 year old friend:  "When I was a kid, I used to play matching games all the time."

Me:  "You're still a kid."

Friend:  Blank stare


{A different} Co-Worker:  "She did a total 360!"

Me:  "You mean 180."

Co-Worker:  "What?!"

{I then explain the difference between a 180 and a 360}

"Co-Worker:  "Okay, so anyway...."


Manager:  "Is everything okay with you and Katie {not the person's real name, fyi}

Me:  "Yeah, why?"

Manager:  "Well, you were talking to her in your mom voice, so I just wanted to make sure."

Me:  "I guess the mom in me is bound to come out at work every once in awhile."


{A different} Manager:  "Hey, are you okay?"

Me:  "No, I'm not.  I don't really want to be at work today."

Manager:  "It'll be okay.  We have pickles today in the break room for everyone."


These gems that I totally want to do in my own neighborhood


There you have it.  A small glimpse into my life and the things I find quite funny.


  1. No way! Free pickles?!!! You lucky duck!

  2. Ha! People are silly. And now I want a pickle.

  3. Funny post! 180-360...yeah that is one people misuse often! Cute conversations too! Haha!

  4. Pickles huh? Yea I don't think that would make me wan to be at work. Love when kids say things like "when I was a kid". Too funny

  5. I'm so glad I clicked over to your blog after reading the comment you left on mine. Your hilarious post did a lot to cheer me up! Thanks. :)

  6. Hot Rod really is a great movie though! And to be fair I use the term best movie ever made pretty loosely. And I was planning on watching Schindler's List since supposedly it's the number one movie of all time but now I'm not sure because it just sounds super depressing.

    1. Kelsey, Hot Rod did have its moments. I'll give you that. And I hope you don't mind me sharing our conversation. I totally don't blame anyone for not seeing Schindler's List. It is very difficult to watch.

    2. Ha I don't mind at all it was a pretty hilarious conversation.

  7. AnonymousJune 13, 2012

    Those are great! I have never heard of Hot Rod but know Schindler's List.
    That Lionel Ritchie sign has me in tears LOL

  8. Wait a minute.... do we work in the same office? I know quite a few co-workers who fit those descriptions!


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