June 23, 2010


I've been pretty "thoughtless" lately. It always bothers me when I get this way, but what do ya do?

Today, I Googled "BloG Topics." I came across this website which had all sorts of ideas. Very helpful indeed, and until I get my own thoughts in order, I'm going to borrow these topics.  Today I'm going to tackle #9: I Wish I Spent Less Money on This.  

Without a doubt, I wish I spent less money on going out to eat.  

It all comes down to laziness.  Pure laziness.  I'm not a terrible cook, and once I start cooking I have a good time.  The problem is getting around to cooking.  It's kind of like going to gym.  I love it when I'm there, but getting there is a different story.

On Monday, a new Panda Express opened near my house.  My husband really likes Chinese food.  I used to love it, but lost all interest in it while I was pregnant.  Weird.  Anyway, he had been looking forward to going to trying it, so we decided to check it out the day it opened.  Holy crap!  The place was packed.  The dining area was swarming with people.  The drive-thru had about 20 cars waiting.  I could not believe my eyes.  I couldn't believe people were willing to wait so long for fast food Chinese.  Seriously, people, it's not that good.

My husband and I weren't about to wait, and decided to eat there at a later time.  An A LOT later time.  We've since heard people waited 45 minutes to get their food. Again, seriously, people, 45 minutes for Chinese food?

The craziness at Panda Express really made me think twice about eating out.  Seeing all those people waiting to eat rice and chicken at high prices helped me realize how unnecessary eating out really is.  It's not healthy for one thing and it can be such a waste of money.  The amount of money I spend at the grocery store for two weeks worth of food is maybe the equivalent of four or five take out meals.  The amount of money I spend on food that will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks is about the same as five meals at a restaurant? When I do the math, it just really blows my mind.

The real question is - why do I spend so much money on going out?  Besides being lazy, the fact of the matter is, I like to.  It's fun to go to restaurants.  I've always like it, and probably always will.  Another reason I enjoy it is because I don't have to worry about what to cook.  My husband can get what he wants.  I can get what I want.  It's simple.

Despite my love for eating out, I have a new determination to eat at home and enjoy the company of my family without the loud music, bad service or worrying about my daughter's high pitched screams (which is something she does when she's happy) bothering those around me.  In the end, it will help the budget and allow us to spend quality time together.  Have you seen those Family Dinner Time commercials?  Yeah, that's gonna be my family from now on.  :)

Wish me luck.  This is going to be difficult for me!



  1. Another thing I love about eating out? Not having to do the dishes.

    Seriously, though, I wouldn't eat out as often if I actually got to USE my kitchen on a regular basis. Most people think I'm lucky to live with a chef? Not so much because I don't usually eat with them, and don't get into the kitchen until AFTER it's destroyed.

  2. This is funny because I've been thinking the very same thing lately.

    We went to the Olive Garden last week and spent about $35. We had our kids with us, so I actually thought we did fairly well... but still, as I was leaving I wondered why I'm ok with spending that much money on food. I won't go buy myself a shirt from DownEast for $12.99 that I can wear over and over and over, but I will go drop almost $40 on something we eat once and then it's gone? Weird. I'm on the "eat out less" wagon with you. Go us!

  3. I tend to disagree with you. My kids are the pickiest eaters alive (wonder where they get that from?)...and at the end of the day I feel like I've completely wasted my time making dinner because it sits on their plates for two hours and they never eat it. It's cheaper to buy a hamburger and fries for them that I KNOW they'll eat as opposed to spending $10 food to make a meal they won't eat. I go through phases with eating out...sometimes I could do it every night and other times I NEED good home made food...you know?

  4. Way good point, Bev. I'm sure the older Isabelle gets grabbing a $1 burger will be cheaper than some good ol' home cookin'! :)

  5. I have many weaknesses, but eating out isn't one of them; although I sometimes wish it were! When I eat out, I leave the place regretting that I just spent 30.00 on something that I could have made cheaper, healthier, and much better tasting! When I am stressed and overwhelmed I spring for eating out - it's just so hard to think about cooking in these "states!" I love your thought blog by the way! Great way to generate conversation!

  6. We do go out, but try to keep it to a minimum. When I'm on the health kick... (I'm NOT right now...) we just don't much at all. Everything is so unhealthy. They use MSG and lots of grease, fry everything, load it with high calorie dressing.... Yadda yadda yadda... We all KNOW... It's just the convenience of not having to cook it, or CLEAN IT UP. ;D

  7. Stopping by from Karen's blog today. I have the same situation. I actually enjoy cooking, once I get around to it. It's just such a pain to figure out what to make and actually DO it.

  8. Stopping over from Karen's World.

    I am so with you on this. And MAN do I want chinese now . . .

    Eating out is just SO much easier. And it at least doubles the amount of time I get to spend with the fam and not cooking (though I too love cooking). I once heard a pastor say that eating together is the most intimate act people can do together after sex.

    We always make a rule of doing family dinners at least 4, usually 5 nights a week. I think they're great.

  9. We eat out quite a bit right now, but it is something that brings our family together. Our lives are kind of crazy right now, with John living and working in Idaho Falls three days a week and me going to law school five days a week. By the end of the week all of us, kids included, are a little ragged from all the running. So, we go out to eat. And... while all the food is cooking (and being cleaned up), we get to talk with each other, look at each other in the eyes, be the sole object of attention for a while - no multi-tasking involved. Plus, my kids are learning manners - how to eat out at a restaurant, how to order, how to tip, how to place the napkin, how to behave in public, how to try different foods, how to use salad forks, dinner forks, chopsticks, etc. Yes, it costs money, but the money is definitely worth it for us right now.


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