June 28, 2010


In May of 2004, I graduated from Weber State University, earning a Bachelor's degree in Family Studies.  At the time, I had a job that was great while I was a student because of the flexible hours, but I always told myself once I graduated I would quit and get a job related to my field.

A few weeks after graduation, I moved into a new apartment and began working full-time for the same company.  My plan was to keep my job while searching for new opportunities.  I also had the plan to go to graduate school the following year.  It seemed like the perfect plan.  

Nearly six months went by and I still had not found a new job, but I wasn't frustrated. I figured it would take awhile. And in the meantime I was learning more about admission requirements for graduate school, getting used to the thought of living in Alabama and dreading the idea of taking the GRE.

One day, while I work, I received an e-mail from my supervisor.  She asked if I had heard about a job opening in a different department and wondered if I was going to apply for it.  I hadn't heard about the position and even though I knew this wasn't her intention, because she sent me that e-mail, I felt a little pressure to apply for the job.  

I had a week to submit my resume, and I spent a lot of time thinking about what I should do.  I knew I was qualified for the job and stood a really good chance of getting it.  I knew a lot of my friends (including Karen) were applying for it which made things kind of awkward.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through with it.

After a few days of thinking things over, I soon realized I was making a very critical decision.  A life changing decision. I knew if I applied for the job, I would get it. I knew accepting the job would change all the plans and goals I had just set for myself.  Without a doubt, I was at a crossroads in my life and I didn't know why.  All I knew is that I had to apply for the job, and I wasn't happy about it.

I submitted my resume and soon had an appointment for an interview.  

The day of my interview, I contemplated what to wear.  I had learned all the do's and don'ts of interviewing, including proper attire.  I knew wearing denim wasn't the best choice, so I wore a jean jacket.  I knew wearing perfume wasn't a wise decision, but I wore it anyway.  I knew I probably should've put my hair up, but I wore it down.  I did what I could to not make the best impression because I was scared of getting this job.

I was offered the job.  And I accepted it.  And I knew it was the right decision to make, but still didn't know why.

Weeks later, something unexpected happen:  I began feeling different about a really good friend of mine. A friend that was a boy.  I was annoyed at these new feelings. This guy had been my friend for over a year, and I was satisfied with our relationship.  Suddenly, I was more attracted to him and wanted to spend more time with him.  A new job, now this?  I wanted to tell life I was tired of all the curve balls.

Fast forward at most 10 weeks (yes, that's right, 10 weeks) I found myself engaged. Yes, I was engaged  to this guy whom I had no interest in just months earlier.  It was insane.  Totally insane.  But, it made sense and completely the right thing to do.

I know not everyone believes in God, but I do.  And I know He lead me in a different direction than the one I had all mapped out for myself.  And maybe that was so I could marry Dustin.  Maybe it was to spare me from a situation that would've come about had I gone to graduate school.  I probably won't know the answers to these questions for awhile.  And that is okay because it doesn't matter.

What matters is that I am happy with my husband.  I'm thankful for the life we have built together and the many years to come.

I'm humbled to know that God, in all his infinite power and wisdom, takes time to guide me in the right direction.  And I'm so grateful I listened to Him!


  1. I don't really believe in soul mates either. I do think that there's more than just one person for each of us, some are just more compatible than others. Your point is making me think now....

    great post!

  2. WOW! I loved this post most of all your posts thus far.

    Very cool story. I always marvel looking at things in hindsight. What seems chaotic or dissonant in life always ends up in perfect harmony in retrospect. Sometimes it takes a long time to see the why and to see the beauty in the way things go, but it's always there eventually.

  3. I don't believe in soulmates too much anymore-- got burned and now a bit jaded I guess--but I do think there is a little something to the concept, not just in romance, but also in friendships.

    The prospect of change and new directions can be threatening and I think we often resist when it starts heading our way. And it's funny that sometimes our resistance creates greater attraction from the other side. I say be open to potential change and see what good possibilities that change holds. Sometimes the outcome of accepting change is something totally unexpected.

    Tossing It Out

  4. I just did everything I could not to get the house I knew we were supposed to be in. Stupid. But necessary.

    And we've got the house under contract now. Knocking on wood.

  5. I do think things happen for a reason. And my own work life is in a bit of a turmoil right now, so this is kind of inspiring to me. Not that I need a new boyfriend (I like the one I've got) but it's exciting to think there might be another job out there that's even more perfect for me.

  6. Funny, but I believe there's a BIG plan and backups to the BIG plan... because of this crazy thing called FREE AGENCY... I do NOT LOVE all the heartache and trial I had to come through to become who I am today... but looking back, I see that it was probably necessary to bring me to the place I am and with my sweet eternal reward for all I endured... We look back and see God's hand in the way the timing in our lives twisted around each other without meeting until the time was right. WOW... I think you've sparked a POST!! LOL!!

    At any rate, it's nice when you can look back and see that God knows you, what you need, and wants to provide... if you're paying attention. YAY!! (((HUGS)))

  7. I think soul mates come in the form of friendships...atleast for me anyway. Very cool story. Who is to say that if you didn't take the job you somehow would have ended up down the same path?!?!

  8. I think your message was one I needed to hear today. Now if I can just trust that my job is out there waiting for me...

  9. I don't know if I ever told you, but I was really glad you got the job instead of me. I wanted out of our crappy department, but I really didn't want to move over to that one. I had to wait a little while longer, but I was ultimately pleased with the way things turned out.


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