December 8, 2011


My daughter received a very generous gift from her grandparents a few months ago:  Rapunzel pajamas.  She fell in love with them INSTANTLY, and it has been rather difficult to get her to wearing anything else ever since.

So, this week I decided I was done seeing her wearing her PJs 24/7, and have enforced a new rule that she must be dressed during the day and only wear her PJs at night.  

And, it has been a challenge.  Days one and two were successful, but today was a different story and I ended up letting her wear them because I just didn't have the patience to endure another tantrum.

As I watched my daughter prance around the house in her beloved PJs, I decided if I was going to make her give up wearing them all day long, I needed to sacrifice something too.  So, I'm going to limit my time on the computer and iPod to only when she is asleep.  This gives me nap time and bedtime to catch up my e-mails, blog and to post whatever irrelevant status I need to on Facebook.

I hope to accomplish two things.  First of all, I hope my sacrifice helps me be more patient with my daughter.  If I can relate my wanting to be "on the net" to her wanting to wear her favorite piece of clothing, I imagine I'll have more patience with her when the tantrums and the whining begin.

And second, I hope to spend more quality time with my daughter.  Too often we'll be in the same room together, but we're doing two different things.  Sometimes I'm folding laundry and she's playing, but too often I'm wasting time on the computer while she's playing.  Sure, often times I'm doing legit things like paying bills, but when all is said and done I should be playing more with my daughter.  My time with her is precious, and I should take advantage of every minute I have.

Wish me luck!


  1. Not you didn't Roberta. I'm the one that let her wear them 24/7. :)

  2. Punky gets like that with random outfits (always ones I hate), and it drives me NUTS!

    I have been trying to focus on maximizing my playtime with the kids, too. Not necessarily succeedding, but trying. Of course, at the same time I'm trying to do more housework so it's kind of a tough one!

  3. You are a good momma.

    I'm hoping to do the same thing over Christmas break.

  4. One of my favorite Splendid Truths from "The Happiness Project":

    "The days are long, but the years are short"

    Enjoy this time with your daughter, because tomorrow she will be a teenager that will soon be graduating from high school.

    You are a good mom:)

  5. That quality time is so important because they grow so fast. But being in the same room and doing different things is not so bad. Your daughter has the security of knowing you're there, but still you each have independence within a shared space and that's kind of cool.

    Wrote By Rote

  6. Thanks! I definitely think independent play us important.

  7. I have to remind myself to turn away from the computer too because I know if I don't someday I will look back and wish that I had spent less time on facebook and more time with my girl.
    Good luck with the Rapunzel pjs though. :)

  8. Good luck with that! Seems like girls get so much more attached to certain outfits, etc. Boys don't really care much. Or is that just mine? Nice that you are self reflecting on what you can give up too. Good luck to both of you!

  9. It's so easy to lose focus and spend too much time on the less important things. I go through phases and have to remind myself that my girls are growing TOO fast!

  10. Ahhh her grandparents must be a little happy though.... ;)

    I do like your plan, how is it going?

  11. You are a wonderful mom!


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