March 3, 2011


"His name is Toofer because with him you get a two-for-one; a black guy and a Harvard guy."
-Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

I grew up in Salt Lake City.  I traveled enough to know that Salt Lake was probably not considered a big city, at least not when compared to New York, Chicago or LA.

In late 2006, I moved to Idaho Falls.  I grew up visiting Idaho Falls a lot since my grandparents lived there.  As a child, I loved Idaho Falls.  I spent most of my Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays there.  It always had a special feeling to it.  

I just assumed I would enjoy living there.  And I did for the most part. 

But, as the years went on, I started to feel like I was suffocating.  It dawned on me that I lived in a small town and I didn't like it.  I especially didn't like feeling as though I was downtown New York whenever I would visit Utah and walk the streets of Salt Lake.  I knew for sure I was in a small town if Salt Lake seemed HUGE to me.

After 3.5 years in Idaho, we decided to move back to Utah.  Besides wanting to be close to family, we wanted to have access to more things - concerts, plays, sporting events, an international airport, etc.

We've been back in Utah for 6 months now, and I've tried to take advantage of all the many more things I can do in Salt Lake than I could in Idaho Falls.  One of which was last night.

It all started when I logged onto Twitter on Tuesday.  I'm not a huge Twitter fan, but I created an account just to see what all the buzz was about.  Anyway, whenever I log in, I see tweets from Joshua Radin, one of my favorite musicians.  He said he was going to be in Salt Lake on March 2nd.  

I immediately went into overdrive.  How did I not hear about this concert sooner?  Was it sold out?  I had to get tickets!  To make a long story short, I bought 2 tickets (one of me, one of my husband) an hour later.  I was so excited.  This would be my first concert since 2005.

But then I started to feel guilty.  Would our daughter, "I" be good with a sitter?  Could we really afford to do this?  Maybe we shouldn't go.

I shoved all those thoughts aside, realized this was someone I always wanted to see in concert and to just enjoy the opportunity.

When we got to the concert (and remembered I forgot my good camera), I walked through the doors and I immediately flash backed to my days as a high schooler/young college student.  I used to go to concerts all the time with my friends and being back in that environment, the loud music, the shirts and posters for sale, etc., brought back all the fun memories.  I wasn't expecting to feel that way, but I loved it.

The concert was amazing.  There weren't any seats, everyone just stood around.  It was a rather small venue and the stage was really close to the floor.  It was a lot more intimate than what I  imagine a Lady Gaga concert would be like.

When Joshua Radin came onto the stage the crowd cheered and screamed.  I managed to find the perfect spot to stand where I could see his face and upper body perfectly.  He played so well, he played some of his new stuff, but also a lot of his old stuff.  It was awesome!  He even played a song that I put to a video I made about my daughter....which almost made me cry.

As we left the concert, I told my husband how happy I was that we went.  We reminded each other that this was why we moved back to Utah - for more opportunities.  And, to top it all off, I was reminded of my good ol' days with my friends.  It was definitely a two-for-one night.  Here's a video of one of his encore songs, Winter.

For any of you that haven't heard any of Joshua Radin's music,  here's a video.  This was one of the first songs I heard by him.  Enjoy!  And when you're done, go out and do something new.


  1. I love Joshua Radin! I'm so glad you got to go and that you had a great time.

    This is a good reminder that I really need to take better advantage of the many, MANY opportunities I have here in LA.

  2. I am so, SO glad you went and had a great time. We all need that stuff.

  3. That's awesome you just went and made it happen. I love concerts but we never go because they are so insanely expensive. I'm personally glad you're back in the "big city"!! :)


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