July 6, 2010


Tracy:  "I'm gonna make you a mixed tape.  You like Phil Collins?"
Jack:  "I've got two ears and a heart, don't I?"
-30 Rock

During my high school days, I used to make mixed tapes for my friends.  I had such a fun time putting these together and I think, for the most part, people enjoyed getting them.

I also loved GETTING mixed tapes (or CDs, as the years evolved).  It was always interesting listening to each song and wondering why the person picked that song to be on the tape.  Of course, sometimes it was a little pathetic how much I could read into the songs.  

I remember one such experience.  

A guy I was dating made me a mixed CD.  It was during a confusing time in our relationship.  Our commitment to each other was kind of up in the air, and I was pretty certain he was ready to move on.  Then came the mixed CD.  It was full of a lot of really great songs, songs that were about love, but not in a cheesy way.  Given I knew this guy really well and the songs he chose weren't what I expected, I began to wonder how he felt about us.  But, then I thought more about it, thought more about this guy and things suddenly clicked:  he was messing with me.  Oddly enough, it didn't bother me.  One of the reasons I liked him so much was because of his sense of humor and his incredibly ability to get under my skin.  People don't usually have that effect on me, so when they do, I take notice.  So, I called him on it and we both got a good laugh out it.

In the end, I was the one that left him. 

So, are mixed tapes/CDs a thing of the past?  Am I the only one that still think they are cool?  Do people still enjoying making or receiving them?  Is it time for me to move past the awesomeness of mixed tapes?



  1. I'm the queen of making soundtracks for peoples lives...but no one has ever made me a mixed cd before. Maybe someday....and I'd totally read in to it, since I pick certain songs so they can be read into.

  2. Dustin used to make me mixed CD's all the time. I miss them.

  3. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    A friend of mine used to make me mix CDs and I used to make one for my husband for Valentine's :-)

    I have an award for you!


  4. I still have the CDs you've made for me, and I love them. Because they remind me of you and how much fun we always had, and because I know how much thought and care you put into every project. Your CDs make me feel special.

    Making them is fun, too.

    "I drove all night..."

  5. *sigh* My most favorite wasn't even a CD... How ANCIENT am I?? LOL!! My parents were divorced and I'd go visit my dad in FL for a month in the summer. My boyfriend HATED to WRITE... so he would TALK to me on cassette tapes and send them. He would talk and goof around with his friends telling jokes and such on one side and fill the other side with music. I STILL remember that transparent HOT PINK cassette tape every time I hear one of those songs... LOL!!

    I think people still MAKE them, I do for travel CDs and such. But now that most people use IPODS, MP3s and Playlists... passing them around doesn't seem so prevalent.


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