July 1, 2010


"UR V8K8SH1 iz baqon."
-Text message from Cerie to Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

In case any of you can't decipher the above, it is an abbreviation for "Your vacation is back on."  I'm a huge 30 Rock fan.  I have quoted the show a few different times on this blog.  If you're not watching 30 Rock on NBC begin immediately.

Today's thought is about texting.  I'm a big fan of texting.  I like sending random texts to my friends and family.  It's just a fun thing for me to do during the day.  Plus, texts about small items of business like, "What do you want for dinner?" come in handy when I want to get ahold of my husband while he is at work.

While texting is really convenient and fast, it can sometimes be difficult to type out everything you want to say as if you were typing an e-mail or writing with a pen on a piece of paper (do people still do that anymore?).  Insert:  text abbreviations.  It seems as though any and all words have some sort of abbreviation in the world of texting.  Why spell out "you" when you can just type "u?"  Makes sense, right?  It's easier, faster and everyone knows what you're talking about.

So, why do I have such a hard time doing it?

I'm seriously OCD when it comes to how I send a text.  I can't abbreviate.  It annoys me.  For the most part, I spell everything out, and if I don't, I cringe as I hit "send."  

Of course, there are a few exceptions, like LOL.  Who doesn't use LOL?



  1. U hav a hard time cuz u wer taut rite! Imagine being an English teacher and gettin papers written in text abbreviations! It drives Elaine nuts!

  2. I'm with ya' sista'!!

  3. im half and half. sometimes i do sometimes i don't. There is no rhyme or reason to my texting methods.


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