August 18, 2015


I've been known to say a lot of stupid things.  I don't have "Foot-In-Mouth" disease {#gottalovejoe}, but on more than one occasion I have said things that make absolutely no sense and defy logic.

And, honestly, I can't think of a single reason why I shouldn't publicly share a few of the idiotic things I've said over the years with all of you!


While watching a TV show with my friends, during a commercial break and nearing the end of one of the commercials I said: 
"Next will either be the show or another commercial."

During our "Just Friends" stage, when Dustin asked if I had any tape {meaning packing tape}
my response was:
"Well, I have....tape {meaning, scotch tape}.
He knew exactly what I meant.
When mentioning the last time I ate, I said:
"I haven't eaten"

When telling a story about my two roommates I said:
"Karen and What's-Her-Face were both there."
{Both of my roommates were named Karen}

And, in 2006, I resurrected the term "I don't give a care."
Thankfully, that only lasted a day.


I'm hoping my randomness eventually makes it way to one of my kids.  I'm guessing it'll strike Isabelle, but, who knows, LL could throw me a curve ball.

Either way, you'll be laughing!


  1. I love these. So many great memories!

    I have a few more I'll send you. Sorry I didn't send them already. It's been crazy around here!

    1. They really are great memories!


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