July 2, 2015

JULY memories: {DAY 1: that ONE room}

Dustin and I lived in Idaho Falls for about 3.5 years.  During that time, we had a heck of a time deciding on how we wanted to furnish one particular room.  It was a long and narrow room with a lot of doors, so not a lot of available wall space.

At first, it was our office.  We had an awesome desk and things looked great.

But, then it became apparent that we needed more seating, so we downsized the desk to accommodate more space in the room.

And then we downsized the desk even more when the whole thing was just too overwhelming.

Eventually, we bagged the entire office idea and turned the room into a family room.  No desk.  Just a TV, same chairs and a couch.

And then we moved.

1 comment:

  1. LOL

    I never saw it when it was a family room, but that does kind of make sense for the space. I liked when it was an office though.


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