May 28, 2015

{CURRENTLY} May Edition

My life, in a nutshell....

Current Book
The Grapes of Wrath.  This book is killing me, but I'm determined to finish it.

Current TV Show
Have any of you seen Black-ish?  Hilarious.
Current Drink
Water.  And more water.  That's pretty much all I drink these days.

Current Food
 I find myself wanting sugar cookies too often.

Current Music
So, the playlist I find myself listening to most often {complied by yours truly} is called Let's Do This. It includes songs by Tori Amos, The Cure, Dandy Warhols, Bjork, The White Stripes just to name a few.

Current Guilty Pleasure
The Bachelorette.  I know, I know.  It's pathetic.  However, if it makes a difference in terms of salvaging any respect you may have for me, I usually fast forward until the end to see who gets eliminated.

Current Troubling Thought
How is it possible that Isabelle is almost done with Kindergarten?

Current Wish
I would love to go on a vacation.  Just me and Dustin and a new city to explore.  Maybe one day.

Current Looking-Forward-To-Events
I have two friends coming into town for visits during the summer.  It's gonna be awesome!

Current I'm-Sick-Of-This
The rain.  Yes, I said the rain.  Shame on me.  But, seriously, it's been raining almost every single day this month and I'm just over it.

 Current Oil{s}
I've been diffusing a blend of Lavender and Wild Orange.  It smells amazing!


What are you {currently} doing?

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  1. I've never read The Grapes of Wrath, but I've always intended to. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

    Black-ish sometimes strikes me as very funny, and other times just annoys me. I wish it would be consistently funny like The Goldbergs.


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