September 28, 2012


There are a lot of things that I love about Dustin.  I could list all of his qualities and attributes that I love and admire, but instead I'd like to focus on one thing and that is his attitude towards women.

When Dustin's co-workers first learned that I was pregnant, a lot of people began asking him if he wanted a boy this time around.  I knew from the beginning that Dustin loved raising our little Isabelle and that he had no problems about having another girl.  He expressed his thoughts to those he worked with and a lot of people, specifically the men in the group, were astonished by his response.  How could it be possible that he didn't want a boy?  A boy to carry on the family name!  A boy to watch sports with.  A boy to hunt with.  People were really flabbergasted.  And that really bothered Dustin, and not because he's neither interested in sports or hunting, but because he felt people were suggesting there's something wrong with having a girl.  That a girl is somehow less than compared to boys.

One night after work, Dustin told me what had been said to him at work.  When it came to carrying on the family name, my immediate response was, "People know that women don't have to change their last name when they get married, right?"  Dustin laughed because he said that was his first thought too.

We talked about everything for awhile, and things settled down at the office.  In fact, most people predicted we would have another girl.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think any of his co-workers meant to offend.  And they didn't really offend Dustin by what they said.  I think it was more shocking than anything.

I'm so thankful for Dustin because of his attitude towards women.  He has always treated me like his equal.  He has never done or said anything that suggests he is somehow superior to me simply because of his gender.  We also recognize that while we're equal, we're different in that we have different strengths and weaknesses and personalities.

I think Isabelle is the luckiest girl in the world to have Dustin as her dad.  I know he's going to be so supportive of her throughout her life.  He will expect certain things from her and hope certain things for her, but overall will encourage her to do whatever she wants in life.  He won't put any limitations on her because she is a girl.

And I know he's so excited to welcome our new baby girl into the family. 

After all, nothing can compare to the father-daughter relationship.


  1. It sounds like, really, your husband would be happy with either sex. He sees the children as a blessing. What a sweet heart!

    On the name thing, I've always thought it was cool when girls aren't given a middle name with the expectation that when they marry, their maiden name becomes their middle name. I wish I had thought of that before my daughter was born.

    1. You're right. He would've been happy either way.

      Both of my girls will have middle names. I have a middle name and so it just seems normal to me. :)

  2. I hate the stereotypes society puts on women. It's 2012. Girls can hunt and fish and watch sports and all that jazz. Good for your husband for not backing down from his beliefs.

  3. When people found out we were pregnant, everyone thought we wanted a girl. But we are both thrilled to be having another boy. We got a lot of similar comments (just about girls instead of boys) that shocked me as well.

  4. I have one of each, and while I was excited about that and I wouldn't have it any other way, I always get a little sad when someone talks about their "sweet girls" or those "crazy boys." Those are the siblings that are going to be best friends when they grow up!

  5. He sounds like an amazing guy. :)

  6. Go Dustin, go Dustin, go Dustin!


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