October 25, 2011

Monday means "What the..." (on Tuesday)

This week's "What the..." was a no brainer, and the reason why I'm a day late posting about it.

Yesterday, our car was broken into.  The SOBs broke our back door passenger window and stole our portable DVD player and some DVDs.

The portable DVD player was a generous gift given to me by my in-laws for my birthday last year.  

And, the DVDs that were stolen?  Oliver and Company, Baby Beethoven, Baby Monet, Hotel for Dogs and Merry Madagascar.  Notice a pattern?  That's right, they're all movies for kids.

The freakin' idiots that decided to steal from me didn't actually steal from me at all.  They stole from my two year old daughter.

This is the first time I've ever been robbed, and I realize things could've been a lot worse.  I, along with my daughter, can live just fine without the DVD player, and all the DVDs can easily be replaced. 

No, the worst part really is that I looked over my shoulder all day yesterday.  I double checked all the windows in my house because going to bed.  I kept lights on in the house when I wasn't using them.

I doubt this crime will make me a paranoid person, but the fact that they stole from my kid AND made me change my behavior just a little bit really makes me mad.

What the...!!  is all I have to say!!


  1. That is so terrible. There's a special level in hell for people who steal from kids.

    Sometimes I think it's too bad that I don't believe in hell...

  2. That is so lame!! I think more then anything I felt violated when this happend to us. It's so sad that this happends everywhere, they hit us in our condo but our street gets hit all the time too. People are so dumb. I'm sorry you guys have to deal with this. It's such a hassle with insurance and scraps/tears that may have happend because of them too.

  3. Just awful. May they rot in hell.

  4. It happened to me a few years ago when I was at work. I had to learn not to keep anything of value in the car. It sucks that people do this to others especially from poor bellie. I'm sorry.

  5. Oh my gosh...that SUCKS!!! So lame. All of our dvds were stollen from our car once in a Barnes and noble parking lot. Like...ALL of them. All my cds from high school and everything. It was a sad day. Stupid people. I'm sorry!


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