September 27, 2011


My goal for this blog has gone horribly, horribly wrong.  I rarely post and when I do post, it seems as though my writing lacks "umph."

I've decided this all stems from the reason why I began this blog to begin with.  I was living in Idaho, a new(ish) mom, and I remember feeling this need for "more."

So, I started this blog in hopes of finding "more."

And, now, over a year later, my life is a lot different.  I'm in a new state, a new house, new friends, closer to family, etc., and it seems as though my need for this blog is no longer there.

I've expressed interest in closing the blog down completely, but a few people have encouraged me to keep writing.

So, to my 1 or 2 readers, I need help.  Help me decide what to write about.  What sorts of posts do you like?  Does my blog need a theme, or are random thoughts good enough?

Any advice or thoughts are appreciated.


  1. Just a the A-Z challenge idea. Start with A and write a blog a day about each letter of the alphabet. I joined a group and together we completed the alphabet in April. But you don't have to join a group. Just start. It's amazing what pops into your head when you're given a theme for the day!

  2. I don't have much in the creativity department, but I definitely love reading your thoughts. Even though we aren't close and rarely see eachother, your blogs are seriously some of the ones I enjoy reading the most! :) :) But if it's just a hassle and you have to always worry about this one, I'd say just close it down.

  3. Blog about the books you read and rate them. I'm always looking for a good book. Blog about things that bug you...those are always fun to read :) Movies, tv

  4. I love the random. Especially when this is your Thought Blog. Whatever you're thinking about at the time is what we want to hear about! (


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