December 1, 2010

oh, TLC!

"I thought you'd be some place were U.S. law can't touch you like Bali or Utah."
-Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock

Have we all heard about TLC's latest show Sister Wives?  I suppose having shows about little people and incredibly fertile families (19 kids, seriously?) got boring, so they had to throw in a show about polygamists to keep the public's interest.

While I've only see bits and pieces of Sister Wives, I will say the show really bothers me.  For one, I am a LDS (Mormon) and one of the greatest misconceptions about the LDS church is that we all practice polygamy.  Granted, that was the case many years ago, but as of 1890 the practice ceased and it has been that way ever since.

The other reason Sister Wives bothers me is because it takes place in Utah.  I was born and raised and currently live in Utah.  So, now this show, in my opinion, sheds a bad light on Utah.  I mean, these people are clearly violating civil law, and yet here they are, going about their daily routines on camera as if it is all normal and legal.  Oh, and let's throw in a paycheck while we're at it.

Apparently, there has been some talk about an investigation, but in terms of Kody and his four wives ever being prosecuted for breaking the law is highly unlikely. This is especially true when you consider that the children don't appear to be abused, specifically sexual abuse, which is too often the case with other polygamist families.

As for me, when it comes to this Kody guy, he's wrapping this lifestyle up in a nice little package labeled religion when all it really boils down to is having his cake and eating it too.

In the end, so long as viewers know that this lifestyle is not the norm in Utah and that the LDS church does not practice polygamy, I'm happy!



  1. You know, I was pretty ticked about this show when I heard about it, but after I watched it I decided it's not that big a deal.

    I don't know how strong a point they make of showing this family does NOT belong to the LDS church, but it is definitely stated. Some people are just going to believe we practice it, no matter how many times they're told otherwise.

    I think polygamy is gross and weird. I'm not defending the practice at all. But this family seems pretty well adjusted and happy with their lifestyle, to be honest. This isn't one of those crazy communities that forces teenagers into polygamy against their will. Kody's 4 wives were all very much adults and made their own decisions to do this.

    I guess I see this as just another lifestyle choice.

    But, seriously, Kody does come across like a jack ass and really needs to cut his hair.

  2. You're SO right. He does need a haircut!

    And I agree with what you's weird and gross, but it isn't one of those crazy communities where kids are everyone seems genuinely happy.

  3. Blech. He's disgusting. There are apparently quite a lot of "normal" polygamists in Utah - even the SLC area. A girl in my neighborhood married a guy from a polygamist upbringing. Luckily he's left that lifestyle... I'll have to tell you about it sometime.


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