July 3, 2017

thanks, DONNIE | july 2017 |

"There are some men who, in a spirit of arrogance, think they are superior to women.  They do not seem to realize that they would not exist but for the mother who gave them birth."

Welcome to this month's edition of Thanks, Donnie!  For those of you who may have missed my original post, I made the decision to write one positive aspect of the Trump administration for each month Donald Trump is president.  I am hoping to suspend the series on January 19, 2021.

By now, everyone is aware that Donald Trump doesn't think too highly of women.  Everything from the Access Hollywood recording, his comments about Megyn Kelly and, most recently, his tweets about Mika Brzezinki all point to a man who views women as mere objects.

Objects that only have value so long as they keep quiet and look pretty.

This behavior towards women, of course, isn't anything new.  The fact that Donald Trump is the President of the United States proves there are enough people that don't think it's a big deal to be a complete and utter sexist.  

Don't get me wrong, being a sexist, isn't as controversial as, let's say, wearing a tan suit, but it's pretty darn close.

Fortunately, the president's behaviors toward and opinions about women have solidified my belief in the importance of women's issues.  Equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity, etc.

I think Tina Fey said it best, when receiving the Mark Twain Prize, that she was grateful to be the third woman to receive the award, but hoped "women are achieving at a rate these days that we can stop counting what number they are at things."

That was in 2010.

Seven years later, we're still counting the things women do.  Most recently, of course, being the release of Wonder Woman.  The director of Wonder Woman was only the second female to ever direct a movie with a budget over $100 million.  And, of course, the Wonder Woman movie itself was the first female-led super hero movie in more than a decade.

Now, women in Hollywood is one thing.  There's also women who are victims of heinous crimes that get little to no justice.

Who remembers Brock Turner?  He's that one guy that was caught raping an unconscious woman, and as a result spent 3 months in jail.  He was actually sentenced to 6 months, but was released after good behavior.  Which, according to his father, was a steep price to pay for "20 minutes of action."

If our commander-in-chief has taught me anything, it's that some people don't believe these very simple truths:  

Women are strong and capable and should be treated with respect and dignity.  Women are not here for your viewing pleasure.  Women should be given the same opportunities as men.  Women are important.  Women are essential.

Never before have I been more encouraged to take action and speak up on this most important subject matter.

And for that I say, "Thanks, Donnie!"


  1. I know I'm opening a can of worms here. But I'm honestly curious about your take.

    It is widely promoted as truth that Republicans are against women's rights and try to hold women back. And yet, the only industry in which there is reliable salary data showing women getting paid less than men for comparable work is in the predominantly liberal entertainment industry.

    Also, cases where men get light sentences for crimes against women most often happen in more liberal states.

    I don't say those things as an attack. My question is, what do you believe is the real root cause of misogyny, and how do we fix it?

  2. I don't think you opened a can of worms, and I appreciate your comment. In some ways, I think misogyny exists from the fact that we're conditioned not to notice it. And we don't notice it because it's, in a lot of ways, always been there. We have been bombarded with gender roles and we don't know how to handle it when people step outside those roles. It also exists because feminism, and in some ways strong women, is too often viewed negatively. As far as the entertainment industry goes, I have no idea! It's baffling, but may be a result of what I already mentioned. And as far as lighter sentences in more liberal states, again, I'm baffled. youve given me lots to think of. And how we fix it...that is the million dollar question. I think awareness is so important, education and general speaking up when we see it.


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