June 22, 2017

Thanks, Donnie!

Over the last several years, I have had many conversations with people who did not vote for, did not like, etc. Barack Obama.  Living in Utah, it was the norm - especially after Obama won over Mitt Romney in 2012.  Romney is not from Utah, but since he's Mormon and has great hair, we claim him as our own.  And, to be fair, he currently has a house in Utah which makes having those elite, posh $1,000/plate dinners in Park City that much more convenient.

But, I'm getting off track here.  {See, I told you we Utah Mormons are obsessed with Mitt Romney.  Seriously, look at that hair?}

I have asked my less-than-thrilled-with-Obama friends if they could think of one positive thing he had accomplished.  Like, literally, anything.

Much like the NRA with regards to Philando Castile, the response was always silence.

And, that really bothered me.  Still does.

Surely, one good thing happened over the last eight years, right?  Osama bin Laden, anyone?

After Donald Trump was elected president {#2,864,974), I decided I was not going to be one of those people.  Because refusing to find the good in something you didn't choose is gauche.

My goal is to post once a month about one positive aspect of the Trump administration.  This is not going to be easy, but I find the exercise to be somewhat necessary for my overall well-being and sanity.  Plus, I expect it will foster a lot of creativity.

So, here we go.

Donald Trump's presidency has reminded me of the importance of being involved in local government.  I have learned exactly who represents my area, what their stance is on certain issues and how I can get in touch with them.  I also belong to a women's caucus for my county which provides opportunities for me to learn what is going on in my community in terms of volunteering, rallies, meetings, etc.  And, I've met many wonderful people along the way.

And, for that, I say "Thanks, Donnie!"


  1. I seriously thought you were headed in a very different direction with these, but this is so great. I mean, definitely a huge challenge. But if everyone could try to do this type of thing with a politician they can't stand, we could all remember that not one is ALL bad.

    (BTW, I'm one that can't think of many things Obama did that I agreed with, but I LOVE how much he loves his wife.)

    1. I appreciate that you struggled with Obama, but I SO appreciate you finding at least one positive thing about him. He and Michelle are a great couple, very classy and loving. I think George W. and Laura were that way as well.


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